Tower crane operators

We provide the best tower crane operators for any worksite. We are the biggest operator company in Finland, and a natural choice for Your worksite’s hoisting needs. Modern worksites are often very challenging and crane operators need to be highly skilled in their work. We work hard to maintain our reputation as a trustworthy partner. […]

Rigger services

Besides a skilled tower crane operator, it is essential that the riggers know their job. Our workers know how to tie up the loads and how to proficiently communicate with the operator.. This is the key to efficient and safe hoisting work. It is smart to order the operator and the rigger from the same […]


TX Solution

TX Solution is a modular web-service that allows You to manage all our services. The web-based application environment is designed together with worksites and especially with workers to make worksite logistics, communication and documentation more fluent and efficient. We want to design digital tools that are easy to use for everyone – even for those […]

TX Logistics

With TX Logistics, You gain control over the material flow in Your worksite. With simple application, You can document incoming loads, keep track of usage of materials and pinpoint material locations in the site. With TX Logistics, You can truly make a difference in Your logistics by scheduling loads and transfers easily. In a worksite […]

TX Scheduler

Kappale TX Scheduler app is made to streamline heavy machinery work in worksites. With TX Scheduler, You create schedules for example tower cranes and forklifts in real-time. For riggers Every user can see the schedules of all the heavy machinery on the site with one look. To make Your own booking, You don’t have to […]


Trenox Anti-Collision

Trenox Anti-Collision is a high-end tower crane anti-collision system that also works as a sector limiter system. It is based on high-accuracy GPS-sensors, and therefore it can be installed to any kind of crane, regardless of the manufacturer and model. It also supports mobile cranes. Trenox Anti-Collision is a smart system. Limiting areas are constantly […]

Trenox Crane Cam

We are confident that this is the best camera system for tower cranes in the market. Full HD-image quality, low-latency digital IP-camera and pan-tilt-zoom-features directly from a touch screen – zoom also from a foot pedal – makes the Trenox Crane Cam operator’s best friend. A camera is an important accessory for a crane operator, […]


Trenox Link Box

Trenox Link Box is the link between a computer and a machine that needs to be controlled. It is a fully universal relay control box and compatible with most common logic circuits. Trenox Link Box contains 28 digital and 6 analog terminals, which can all be controlled independently. This ensures a versatile command set. With […]

Trenox Power Pack

Trenox Power Pack is an outdoor multi-functional power source with built-in network equipment. The heart of the pack is a 12V 40Ah closed lead-battery that works well in a wide variety of conditions from freezing temperatures to a heatwave. The battery charge can be read from a voltage meter on top of the pack or […]