Trenox in brief

Trenox was founded in 2014. Our mission was to raise a company with the best tower crane operators, who can provide the best service even in the most demanding projects. Our rapid growth to be the biggest in our industry in Finland proves that we have succeeded in this. Trenox participates actively to develop our industry for example through cooperation with unions and academia.

Besides providing workers, we also develop technical solutions to support safe and productive construction work. We combine our experience in the construction industry with engineering skills – without forgetting creativity – and therefore believe that we are an excellent partner for construction businesses.

Small details, big picture

We offer unique services as a part of bigger solutions. We understand worksite´s needs in different areas and our philosophy is to create comprehensive benefits. In practice this means solving multiple problems with separate but still compatible solutions.

Trenox services feel easy to use, versatile and clear for end users.

“Worksite of the tomorrow is built today”

Competence is the key of everything

Whether we are talking about a Trenox engineer or a worker in the worksite, we appreciate the professionality of the people. Robotics and automation change the role of professionals, but they don´t make people unnecessary.

“We believe that efficiency increases safety – and the other way around”

Trenox as an employer

We want that working in our company is interesting and rewarding. Our people have pride in their work, and they also have fun while working. We want our workers to lead themselves and we trust in our workers’ professionality. Everyone should be able to work with their own style. This is how we create the best services.