TX Logistics

With TX Logistics, You gain control over the material flow in Your worksite. With simple application, You can document incoming loads, keep track of usage of materials and pinpoint material locations in the site. With TX Logistics, You can truly make a difference in Your logistics by scheduling loads and transfers easily.

In a worksite that works efficiently, one always knows what is where and when. In addition, everyone will know when materials are coming and what is needed to complete different tasks in the project. Workers save time when they don´t have to wonder around the site to find materials they need. The amount of waste can be reduced at the same time.

In TX Logistics, workers mark incoming loads and their locations with their phone. Loads can be predetermined in the system and only one click is needed to log the load as it arrives. He can also write the load information manually. Workers can take pictures of the loads and perhaps even the register plate of the truck that brought them – just like it is agreed on the site.

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