Trenox Link Box

28 digital terminals

230VAC/10A , 30VDC/10A

6 Analog terminals

-10VDC … +10VDC/20mA

USB-A connector
Electronical combination of terminals
No need for extra wiring

Trenox Link Box

Trenox Link Box is the link between a computer and a machine that needs to be controlled. It is a fully universal relay control box and compatible with most common logic circuits.

Trenox Link Box contains 28 digital and 6 analog terminals, which can all be controlled independently. This ensures a versatile command set. With normal digital terminal usage, terminals can be combined electronically, which makes the installation fast and eliminates extra wiring.

Trenox Link Box has been designed to be used with tower cranes, and it is also a part of our controlling anti-collision and remote controlling systems. Trenox Link Box is installed between the joysticks and the crane electronics to minimize the required work. 

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