Trenox Anti-Collision

Only one GPS-sensor needed per crane
Simple attachment
Compatible with all crane types
Combined sector limiter and anti-collision system
Possibility to connect to internet, example for adjusting limiting zones remotely

Trenox Anti-Collision

Trenox Anti-Collision is a high-end tower crane anti-collision system that also works as a sector limiter system. It is based on high-accuracy GPS-sensors, and therefore it can be installed to any kind of crane, regardless of the manufacturer and model. It also supports mobile cranes.

Trenox Anti-Collision is a smart system. Limiting areas are constantly dynamically calculated and their sizes depend on the crane's dynamics. This allows efficient operating without any safety compromises.

Anti-collision-system can be installed either only as a warning system or it can be joined with a Trenox Link Box to physically control the crane movements. 

Parts included in the warning system

  • High-accuracy GPS module
  • Trenox Power Pack
  • Tablet PC
  • Radio receiver unit

When it comes to safety, there is no room for compromises.

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