Trenox Crane Cam

Full HD image
14” Touch screen with on screen control
Pan-tilt-zoom camera, 20X Zoom
Built in recording
Smart TX Power Pack included, with built in LTE-modem
Remote view possibility

Trenox Crane Cam

We are confident that this is the best camera system for tower cranes in the market. Full HD-image quality, low-latency digital IP-camera and pan-tilt-zoom-features directly from a touch screen – zoom also from a foot pedal - makes the Trenox Crane Cam operator’s best friend.

A camera is an important accessory for a crane operator, especially when working with loads behind structures. At its best, a good camera can both increase safety and efficiency of the hoisting work.

Trenox Crane Cam comes with Trenox Power Pack to power the camera. It is easy to install and allows remote viewing via internet. The camera can be used for surveillance and supervision of the project.

There is also a 64Gb memory card inside the camera. Normally the camera will record about 5 days of HD footage at a time, which can come useful if accidents or thefts occur.


  • More accurate hoisting work, faster workflow
  • Safer work
  • Makes blind lifts possible
  • Also, for supervising and surveillance

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