TX Scheduler

Web-based application
Bookings with start and end points
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TX Scheduler


TX Scheduler app is made to streamline heavy machinery work in worksites. With TX Scheduler, You create schedules for example tower cranes and forklifts in real-time.

For riggers

Every user can see the schedules of all the heavy machinery on the site with one look. To make Your own booking, You don’t have to start looking for a walkie-talkie. Instead, You can just book the machine from Your phone. The rigger also gets notified when his or her booking is about to start. Operators can also send notifications in case they have time to start the booking early. Riggers don´t need to wait in vain if they see that the machine is booked for hours. Users can add pictures or videos to their bookings to help the operators. Riggers can book either single transfers, or if they have privileges, they can make a timeslot-booking.

For operators

The operator view is designed to be used with a tablet. The operator can see both the timetable and the map view of the site at all times. The operator doesn´t have to remember all the bookings, he can just check? booking from the app. The app can also be used for communication. With one click, the operator can notify riggers about delays, malfunctions or give comments about the bookings.

For managers

TX Scheduler offers several tools for managers to manage the material flow and gain information about machinery use. They can for example make crane bookings for incoming loads as far into the future as they like. Also, every booking is logged with all the information, images included.

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