Fira – Tapiola

Fira Oy built a large office and residential building in Tapiola Espoo, Finland. The construction was commenced in 2018 and aimed to be ready in 2021. It was important for Fira to achieve a cost-efficient construction phase with as high quality as possible. To improve on-site efficiency, Fira used Trenox tower crane operators, Trenox riggers […]

NCC – Matinkylä subway station

The construction site at Matinkylä subway station was difficult in size and schedule. There were five tower cranes working at the same time, one of which was a 700 tonmetrix new Terex Comedil, „The Northern Giant“. Many tower cranes on site with a lack of space and simultaneous lifts needed special precision in work safety. […]

Amusement park Linnanmäki – Rollercoaster Taiga

Finnish amusement park Linnanmäki installed a new rollercoaster called Taiga in 2019. Installation began in October 2018 and was carried out with the help of Trenox professionals. Our tower crane operator was involved in the process throughout crispy winter days and got to see how 52-meter-tall rollercoaster was set up. The installation of Taiga required […]

SRV – Shopping center AINOA – Tapiola, Espoo

Shopping center AINOA locates in Espoo, Tapiola and includes business spaces for over a hundred companies. Recently the shopping center was renovated thoroughly and currently, the center accommodates over 50 000 square meters of business space. AINOA is not only a place for citizens to shop but also an important location where the main traffic […]